American Cave Conservation Association

We Work to Restore & Protect  Karstlands, Caves, and Underground Water Resources

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How we help

American Cave Museum

...America's largest museum and education center devoted to cave conservation science and history. More

Hidden River Cave restoration

...Our largest environmental success story! Click here to read about ACCA's efforts to restore one of the most polluted caves in America.

Cave gate construction

...ACCA is the nation's leader in developing technologies for protecting endangered species that live in caves. More

Sinkhole cleanups

...We sponsor volunteer cleanup efforts yearly to help reduce garbage dumping that pollutes the groundwater flowing through cave systems. More

Rehabilitation of injured bats

...ACCA operates Kentucky's only bat rehabilitation center at the American Cave Museum in Horse Cave. More

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Projects we support

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Who we are

ACCA is a nonprofit environmental organization whose members, activities and proceeds are dedicated to the conservation of caves and related resources across the nation and around the world.

We educate people about caves and karstlands.
We encourage the study of cave ecosystems and groundwater issues.
We clean caves & sinkholes that endanger water supplies & cave life.
We support conservation projects such as cave gates or acquisition of high value caves.

How can you help?

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119 East Main Street, P.O. Box 409, Horse Cave, KY 42749     Phone: (270) 786-1466
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Come visit us anytime at the American Cave Museum and Hidden River Cave home in the town of Horse Cave. You will learn first hand how your support of the ACCA can benefit wildlife, water resources and historic preservation associated with all caves.